The Global Footprint Network is an independent, charitable not-for-profit organization research institute based in the United States, Belgium and Switzerland.

GFN develops and promotes tools for advancing sustainability, including Ecological Footprints and Biocapacity, which measure the amount of resources we use and how much we have. These tools aim at bringing ecological limits to the center of global decision-making.





Click iPhone for clickable prototype


UX Team needs to redesign the calculator to be an interactive smartphone app with social media integration.

MY ROLE    Research, Infographics, User Personas, Wireframes, UI Library, & "Eco Hacks"

TOOLS    Illustrator, Photoshop, Invision, Creative Cloud, Google Slides, The Noun Project, Whiteboard, Expo Markers

PLATFORM    Mobile App

DURATION    2 weeks

The Global Footprint Network has a “Footprint Calculator” that determines your ecological footprint based on a questionnaire. Currently the calculator is in the form of a web-based Flash animation.

Angel Pang • Research, Wireframe, Prototype
Crystal Chen • Research, Information Architecture, Wireframes, & "Eco Facts"


1. Global Footprint Network clickable prototype app
2. Revised Ecological Footprint Calculator Questionaire
3. Global Footprint Network Rebranding


The Global Footprint Network is one of the most important resources we have to realizing human impact on a global scale. Their technology shows us our potential to unite in attempting to save our planet. Yet while they have fantastic tools to help countries, cities, and individuals understand climate change & human impact...
their website is not the friendliest user experience. 

Currently, to measure your ecological footprint, you have to follow an animated augmentation while answering a questionnaire on habits of your lifestyle.
It was a really different way to fill out a form.

The biggest problem was that this augmented world/calculator ran on Flash.  

We user tested the current GFN site to counter our initial heuristic evaluations.
Overall we got really mixed reviews from users and essentially they didn't like it. 
Most importantly, they didn't learn how to change their lifestyle.

Global Footprint Network's current Ecological Footprint Calculator 

Global Footprint Network's current Ecological Footprint Calculator 

The greatest challenge of this project was to rapidly learn about climate change, a complicated and heated (pun intended) issue that most of the world doesn't understand.
We also had to condense this knowledge & terminology into an interactive & effective mobile application.


This is the Global Footprint Network's brand identity

Here are infographics I made to help breakdown some of our data analysis 



And Our research on GFN's comparrative/competitive analyses

•eco footprint calculators online
•eco lifestlye &/or footprint calculator apps
•greenest cities in the world
•countries with biggest footprints


Firstly, we identified our range of users. We needed to find people whose lifestyles where on opposite ends of the "going-green" spectrum.

Meet Joyce & Chuck

We brainstormed The most valued features for them
& defined those features

Next, we made our information architecture and three user flows. This was because each user had different user journies while using the app

From here we were ready to begin wireframing.


Lean UX helped us complete iterations of lo-fi wireframes, followed by guerilla testing. 

My team broke up tasks to divide and conquer.
 I made the UI Elements used in the prototype

Earth & Measurements of User's Footprint